Evy Technology

Evy Technology
About EVY Technology The patented Swedish sunscreen EVY. It is very water-resistant, even if you should stay immersed in water for the full 6 hours. The EVY Technology products all have the highest possible UVA protection, rated 5 UVA stars. It’s a mousse, with a dry matt finish, in an aerosol so no preservatives are needed, and safe to use until the expiry date open or unopened since the product is kept clean and untouched in the pressurized container. EVY can be used for all skin types, sensitive or oily skin, and does not clog pores. • Long lasting, water resistant for 6h • Highest possible UVA protection (5 UVA stars) • Vit C and E are added for increased safety. • No preservatives or perfume added. • It is safe to use from 6 months of age. • Since it's not rinsed off into the sea, it's also safe for the environment. • Economical since it only needs 1-2 applications per day • Unsurprisingly, it has been winning Swedish consumer tests when compared to all other sunscreens every year since 2012.
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  1. Evy Technology - Sunscreen mousse SPF 50
    Evy Technology - Sunscreen mousse SPF 50
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